Brief Introduction
Tasks of CIATA
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Leaders of CIATA
Friendly Intercourse
China International Corrosion Control Conference
Exchanging and Visiting
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Activities of Naming Zone Brand


  CIATA has organized more than ten delegations to participate in the related international conferences, exhibitions, and technology survey abroad.


The President of DECHEMA met the presidents of CIATA and Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC)


The commercial minister of United Arab Emirates met Ms XIN Ying-di, vice general secretary of CIATA, participating in the 4th CHEMTEX in UAE


REN Zhen-duo, DONG De-qi and XIN Ying-di, leaders of CIATA, were together with Doctor Neil Thompson, the president of NACE int’l and Tony Keane, the general secretary of NACE int’l YAN San-zhong, vice general manager of CNPC, ZHAO Ru-wen, Professor of Tianjin University  REN Zhen-duo and XIN Ying-di, Leaders of CIATA, were together in Japan