Brief Introduction
Tasks of CIATA
Care of Leaders
Leaders of CIATA
Friendly Intercourse
China International Corrosion Control Conference
Exchanging and Visiting
Consulting, Examining, and Training
Activities of Naming Zone Brand


 + Building and management of the anticorrosion industry

 + Trade and technical cooperation in domestic and abroad

 + Organizing technology exchange and exhibition 

 + Appraising to technology and achievement

 + China International Corrosion Control

 + Skill identification to anticorrosion worker. Training, examining and awarding the anticorrosion career project manager

 + Consultation and quality evaluation for anticorrosion engineering

 + Actualizing anticorrosion famous brand strategy

 + Examination of manufacture permission on non-mental and anticorrosion pressure component, and examination of design and manufacture permission on non-mental pressure vessel

 + Spreading anticorrosion new technology, process, material, and equipment

 + Acting as bridge and linkage between the government and enterprises

 + Examining credentials on anticorrosion construction 

 + Examining to Cathodic Protection

 + Establishment of trade standard

 + Editing and publishing publication 

 + Providing anticorrosion information, books, standards, and datum

 + Undertaking other works entrusted by government department

 + China Anticorrosion Standard Technology Committee